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Lovely Ladybug…




There is something about ladybugs… Of course, they are said to bring good luck, which is never a bad thing. Some people say they also come to tell you to leave your worries behind, new happiness being on its way. Others believe they are a reminder to keep aiming for your dreams, without rushing into it…

Since childhood, I have always kept an eye open for ladybugs. The colorful little things speak to me, I can’t explain exactly why. I’ve always seen them as a sign, not of something precise, but a sign from Life, nonetheless.

During my recent trip to Denmark, the orange beetles visited me on several occasions. Surprisingly, always at times when I was having a deep conversation with myself.



I can hear the eye-rolling of people who don’t believe in anything spiritual… And I can understand how giving meaning to a bug on the sleeve of my coat might seem silly. I know that I was probably just ”lucky” to come across so many ladybugs, and it was just a coincidence that I spotted them when I needed Life to give me a little nod of the head.


A little voice inside was thankful for the visits. Solo trips are a lot of fun, but spending several weeks by yourself forces long moments of introspection. And when you are judging yourself and rethinking your choices, approval in any form it might take, is warmly welcome.

I just wanted to immortalize some of these moments here. To remember the feeling of not being completely alone with my thoughts.

Do you have little things like ladybug visits, that you see as some kind of ”sign” in your life?



4 thoughts on “Lovely Ladybug…

    1. I find it hard to believe there’s nothing higher than us. And the pat on the back usually comes with excellent timing, so….

      But as you said, you have to keep your eyes open if you want to see signs coming your way 🙂

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