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Cyranny’s quickie!




Do you know of a stupid and obsolete law in your country, state or city?




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16 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. I got one for you πŸ™‚ ”No female in a bikini shall appear on any Kentucky highway unless she is accompanied by 2 officers, or armed with a club. This does not apply to females under 60 pounds or over 200 pounds, nor does it apply to female horses.”

      I love that they specify that female horses don’t have to worry about this law πŸ˜›

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  1. Loads

    all beached whales and sturgeons must be offered to the Reigning Monarch
    It is Illegal to be drunk in the pub

    One that everyone believes is if you are pregnant you can pee in a policeman’s helmet, that one isn’t true which made me sad, when I was pregnant

    One stupid but not obsolete law is the 2 child rule regarding benefits, if you are raped and have a 3rd, you have to prove to an official in an office that you have been raped, considering the party that bought it in, want to lower the abortion law to under 12 weeks, our rape statistics are shocking, last year 2,800 suspects were investiaged, that is a drop of 23% on the year before, of those 3.8% were charged and only 1.7% made it to trial, I don’t have the figure which tells me how many were prosectued and we are talking about only those that were reported, which is also a horrible figure and they want women to go and say, I am having a third child because I was raped. Its a fucking horrible law and it should be scrapped.

    Moves off political soap box

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    1. That last law is absolutely revolting! I am speachless. It is disgusting to even think about forcing a woman to go through such horrible procedures, just to prove that she didn’t have a third child willingly 😦 😦 😦

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  2. Utah’s ‘weirdo’ laws:

    It’s illegal NOT to drink ‘low quality’ milk. I guess that means sour milk included? Pucker up!!
    It’s illegal to fish with a crossbow. Since the indigenous fish to Utah are smallish (under 50 lbs certainly, despite some whopper fish tales)…this seems like a DUH! law..
    It’s illegal to cause a catastrophe. Well good. 😐
    Individuals may not possess beer in containers larger than 2 liters. Keggers? You’re BUSTED!!
    It’s a $50 fine if you throw a snowball. Uh….damn. I guess as a kid I was guilty, guilty, GUILTY. Wonder if they’ll try to collect? Wait. This ‘law’ is only enforceable in Provo. I never lived in Provo. Phew.
    Women may not swear in Logan. Dang. I’m busted. Again.
    You need a permit to modify the weather. Uh…..WHAT? I didn’t know anyone could do THAT…?
    It’s illegal to interfere or collect water flow. Okay. Anyone (dim witted enough in these polluted days) going down to the river to get a bucket of water. BUSTED!! And those idiots who erected Glen Canyon Dam (an edifice many of us think was a bad idea) BUSTED!!! (although they’re probably all dead now…)
    Husbands are responsible for any crimes their wives commit, in their presence. I kinda like this one actually… πŸ˜›

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    1. Oh wow, Melanie, you gave me a good laugh there!! Great collection! It seems like Utah people have a lot of imagination!! I wonder what happened to have that permit created to be legally allowed to ”change” the weather LOL Anyway… As long as you’re married, you don’t have to worry about any of the above! Mouahahahahahahaha


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