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Not out with the fairies, but…



Just a little note from Montréal’s Pierre Eliott Trudeau airport to announce that the Footsies are officially on their way to Copenhagen!

As you can imagine, both them and I are very excited at the moment. In about 12 hours, I’ll be running (well, maybe not actually ”running”) along Nyhavn again… Awww, I.can’t.wait!

So, I’ll be checking your messages, and trying to reply as much as I can,  but you might notice that it takes longer than usual to do so. I’ll keep the Word of the Day Challenge going (just at weird times, probably) and I’ll try to schedule some Quickies too… But my interraction will be altered for a little while, due to me and The Footsies having a dang blast! Hehehehehe…

I’ll try to post pictures every night, but I won’t make promises I can’t keep. In Denmark, my mental age goes back to something around 5 years old, and I tend to keep running around all day until I literally fall asleep! But I will try! If you are on Instagram, you can always come and check my account out (thecyranny). I have a feeling I’ll be posting more often than usual!

So with this said, it is soon time to board that big bird!

Have a great weekend! (I know I will, hehehehehe)


P.S. Oh! Fabulous Trina, I haven’t forgotten…  *wink wink*

7 thoughts on “Not out with the fairies, but…

  1. Yea!  Bon voyage!  I’m green, please send pix when you’re not doing anything like, walking, watching, wondering, wandering and having the greatest time ever….guess we won’t be getting many pix….😄❤️🤗👍🏻

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