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Forgive me…

Forgive me, Love…
for there is nothing innocent
in my doe eyes,
Sweet lies
Make pretend
My skin aches
for your primal touch
When you are near,
all the clocks stop.
My blood boils
to the call of your sighs
Spin the bottle,
roll the dice
Wreck me, Love
I want the clash
Bruise me, leave
your smell like
a graffiti,
across and all over
my yearning body.
Take me whole and
take me now!
Don’t wonder why
or when or how…
And when we are
left panting, my lips
licking your salty

Please, Love
Forgive me!
For we will sin…

12 thoughts on “Forgive me…

  1. Hot!! Very hot!! I love it. “For we will sin” it’s tantalizing and sexy. But I wonder if to “sin” with the one you love is a sin? Perhaps in this situation sex be it rough or naughty or slow and sweet (etc.), is also an affirmation of love. Great write 💕


    1. Thank you, Amanda 🙂 The line can be fine between what’s sineful and what isn’t… And I think that often, the thought of crossing that line is even more exciting than the ”sin” itself 😉 But I agree, when you take that step hand in hand, it is just another way to express deep love… Maybe… Sometimes 😉 xx

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    1. Thank you, Rob 🙂 Funny you should mention this, because I have been thinking for a while now, that I really would like to work with you on something, sometime. Not that I think I could become a song writer, but I really like the thought that some of my words could become one song someday. There is no rush, but if you’d be interested in working on something together when we both have time for it, let me know! It would be an honor 🙂 xx

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