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Holding hands…



And when you held my hand,
Blissful sighs,
Sparking eyes…
Our souls kissed through
Trembling fingertips!

11 thoughts on “Holding hands…

  1. We speak in silence
    Talk in dreams
    Love is rarely
    What it seems
    Exchanging glances
    Sharing thought
    Doing what
    We know we ought
    The faintest contact
    Says so much
    The taste of breath
    The softest touch
    And for a moment
    Hand in hand
    We are as one
    We understand

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    1. Awwww… The flow of this is absolutely perfect! I owe you big time, Brutus, and I have an idea in mind… I’m keeping the surprise, but I hope you’ll like it! 😉 Until it is ready, please accept this simple ”Thank you”! xx


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