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Random Danish memories…


My Reader has been flooded with reminders that today is Valentine’s Day, as I expected it. A lot of “Yay! It’s Valentine’s Day!!” and a lot of “V-Day sucks!!”…

Personally, I am in between. I don’t mind a kind attention, but I don’t expect anything special on this day. Besides, I am working until midnight.

I did remember, though, that two years ago, I was traveling around Denmark, just a couple of days before Valentine’s day, and I went scrolling to find a couple of pictures that would fit the occasion.




First, a very usual sight all around Denmark. Bicycles can be found everywhere, in Vikingland, especially in Copenhagen (where this has been taken), and all year round. When I took this picture, it seemed like the bikes in our inner yard were cuddling after the snow fall, to keep warm.




I found these wooden love birds in our apartment in Odense… The two cute little things were sitting on a window sill, and bringing much hygge to the room. Wooden décorations are common in Danish homes… The warmth of wood, and the wink to nature really add to making you feel welcome…




There’s a chain store I really like, in Denmark, called Tiger. They sell all kinds of cute unexpensive things, from crafting material to bathroom accessories and food. When we visited Tiger during this particular trip, there was a whole section of the store dedicated to Valentine’s Day, with many decoration items and sweets… Cotton candy, chocolate hearts and all kinds of gummy candies.




And last, but not least, here’s a picture of a couple of the “love locks” that people leave in Nyhavn, after throwing the key in the canal… I had to add mine to the collection, and it was still there the two trips that followed. I can’t wait to see if it will be waiting for me when I visit Copenhagen again!!

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