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Sensual bidding…



Let playful fingers
Run through your beard
No need to worry,
No one’ll get smeared.

Brush against my cheek
Skim down the nape of my neck
Want to feel your soft beard
Stroking my pointy breasts

Graze my thighs
Make me high
Harvest sighs
Before night dies

Tickle me to sleep,
And tickle me back up…
Oh my sweet Darling
Won’t you just give it a shot?

6 thoughts on “Sensual bidding…

    1. Hehehe I am glad to see we have yet another point in common 🙂 Thank you for the kind words, I am really glad you enjoyed it. I get a bit nervous when I write about more… Hmmm adult oriented subjects. I never get graphic, but it is still something very far from my comfort zone 😛

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