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A ballet of hands,
free minded, no worries.
No questions asked.

Two palms waltzing,
tenderly swirling,
cheek to cheek.

Eager digits mixed,
closely entwined,
fingertips kissing in the moonlight.

My tiny hand,
fragile shaking bird
nesting in your protective paw.

Sharing our warmth
Love unspoken, quiet vow
sealed, skin to skin…

Just imagine…



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Imagine

6 thoughts on “Imagine…

  1. I may have drifted off topic a little. At least I got the word ‘imagine’ (sort of) there in the middle of it all.

    A cloud is where it all begins
    A vision forming
    Vapour thin
    Aloud those dreams
    When lightning strikes
    The heart of things
    We both know what the cloud must bring
    It rains
    It rains. On everything.

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    1. If this is an example of “drifting off topic”, please do so more often, dear Sir 🙂 Very different from your usual writing, very mysterious and abstract (unless I just didn’t get the picture?). Yet, there is still a distinct signature in the flow and the pacing…. Great piece! xx


      1. Well …. all about the vague nature of imagination and its vapour like appearance – especially in matters of the heart. Frequently the reality is less appealing and disappointment (rain) is inevitable

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      2. Great imagery, and I agree, reality rarely equals the bliss of imagination. The rare times it does, one has to stop and really enjoy the moment, because it is the equivalent of taking a unicorn ride! 😉


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