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Just thinking…



OMG. I need to vent this out.

If you are a regular in The Cove, you might know that one of my goals for 2019 is to keep negativity at the lowest in my life. Seems like a simple task, but when you start trying to avoid unnecessary negativity, you find out how fecking omnipresent it is, and how some people seem to have made it their goal to piss the dang out of people around them.

It’s been a while since I complained about Booh Boss. Simply because I didn’t like to pick on her, when she couldn’t even fight back. It was easy, childish bashing, and I knew that if I wasn’t happy with her, I could always change jobs.

But today, she earned another round of ranting. And, oh my, am I happy that I wasn’t at work when she said what I just got told.

See, at the beginning of March, a lady working with our department is retiring. Some of my co-workers were tempted to try to have her job, and I was giving it a thought too. Surprisingly (oh no it wasnt!) we learnt that the company wasn’t looking for anyone, they had filled the spot without any sort of hiring process.

Oh well…

When this lady is away for vacation, Booh Boss takes over her tasks on top of her own job.

And here is where I almost lost it.

Now keep in mind that there is a 6 month training for the job I am doing (no joke). The lady retiring in March is currently giving a 3 week training to the person who’ll fill her place.

Booh Boss told one of my co-workers that no one from our department would have been able to fill the spot.

I beg you fecking pardon?!?!?!?!?!?!

I am so glad she didn’t tell that to me. I probably wouldn’t have said much, but my face would have been worth a thousand punches right in the throat! I know Booh Boss isn’t too fond about kindness in general, unless she wants something out of you, but there is a limit to putting people down.

And how amazingly full of it must you be to tell someone they can’t learn a job, when you do it occasionally, on top of your own job. I mean, just tell us you’re the fecking shit, and let’s drop the subject for good.

And I am not going to say this lady’s job looks easy, I really don’t know the extent of what she does all week long. But if someone who never worked in our building can learn in 3 weeks what I could never achieve in a life time, please please please allow me the pleasure of meeting such a genius! Or… Oh. Am I the dumb@ss in the story? Well, let’s be fair, one of the dumb@sses.

Talk about a team leader!

Rant over, thank you very much!







13 thoughts on “Just thinking…

  1. Trying to switch workplaces myself right now, as that seems to be the best way to deal with the worst source of negative energy still in my life. Tried every strategy I can to make a virtue out of it, but no joy. Really hope things get pleasanter for you there. xxx


    1. LOOOOL Well, let’s say we don’t have matching tempers… And I usually try to explain things not working between us that way. But this time… I was like “what the….????” Thanks for the good laugh (that first sentence really hit home. LOL)

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    1. I don’t believe in violence, but I was quite pissed when I wrote this. I think that Booh Boss is not a bad person, but she definately doesn’t have team-leading fiber 😛 Fortunately, I just need to vent, and then, I let go. What’s there to do with someone who thinks so little of others? I just ignore it. As long as I do my job well, she can only talk!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I could tell you were pissed when you wrote it. You’re right all she can do is spout words but as I’ve experienced words can be very destructive to someone’s wellbeing.

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