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Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Word of the Day Challenge

If you know our Word of the Day Challenge blog, you might already be familiar with the amazing work of Kira. If not, you can catch up by scrolling through her weekly collaborations with us. (or simply visiting her blog too, of course 🙂 )

I just wanted to take a minute and give special thanks to Kira for her twenty second art piece. That’s right! After kindly accepting to work with us, Kira weekly sent in one of her unique drawings, and never skipped her turn the past 22 weeks!

Although I usually prefer her black and white pieces, I was totally wowed with her last share. I think the very colorful tree scene is a true gift for our followers’ Christmas.

Thank you Kira, for your generosity! And thank you for greeting us weekly with a really cool visual inspiration for all to use. I am sure Dee and Kristian will agree that we are lucky to have you in our little team!


Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece. Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it. Feel free to copy […]

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