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Looking back… Day 16.



Tonight, I want to officially appologize.

I had my ups and downs this year, but lately, I’ve failed many of you. My mind was like a hamster on steroids, and I have not answered many private messages. It is not like me. I feel really bad for it.

I didn’t ghost you. I just couldn’t write back right away.

I am sorry if I made you feel as if I didn’t care. I do.  And I’ll make it up to you. Soon.

I know it is easy to say “I’m sorry”…. But I’ll soon be back on my feet.

I hope you’ll forgive me.


38 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 16.

    1. I try to keep a little time to myself to recharge the bateries… But it is not easy with the Holidays, the prep and work getting in the way… But thanks for your constant support, Cheryl 🙂 It is truly appreciated! Muuuahh!


    1. Thank you, Kristian 🙂 I have trouble believing you are making people wait, since you’ve always been on the lookout for me and Dee on the WOTD blog, and always returning our emails quickly… 😉 *big hugs*

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    1. LOOOOOOOOL Rob, I literally laughed out loud reading this… Yes, that’s exactly it!! (I have no idea where the music is coming from…. Mouahahahahahaha)

      Thank you for the good laugh!! Much needed! *hugs*

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    1. Thank you Kate… Actually, Day 17 was all about that, and it did help boost my bateries. Now I just have to learn when it is fine to sit back, relax, and not think about anything pending in my inbox 😉 Hope you are doing great!! xx

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    1. Thank you, Bryce! Will do… The end of the year is always kind of a marathon around here, and it brings its ups and downs… But I’ll find some me-me-me time soon… *big hugs*


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