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Looking back… Day 14.



I don’t have much to say tonight…

As a matter of fact, I restarted this post about a hundred times, and it is going nowhere. So let’s call it quits for today. I better take care of my thoughts by myself tonight. I can do some more sharing tomorrow.

There’s always tomorrow.

A hot bath, a good night of sleep… And everything will be better.



5 thoughts on “Looking back… Day 14.

    1. Thank you, Tony. It most certainly will… I have a blessed life and I know it. But sometimes, your mind just plays tricks on you for a while. It is only human nature I guess. Thanks for being there, it is much appreciated 🙂 xx


  1. Sometimes after a good night’s sleep, when the morning comes, things don’t looks so bleak. The Christmas countdown is commencing and yet again hubby is beginning his yearly misery all because of Christmas. Take my word for it, Cyranny, it’s just not worth it. Life is just too darn short. Hang in there!! BIG HUGS!! 💞


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