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I am Udfrielse.

I have been judged by Those Whom We Speak Highly Of, of causing irreparable damages to human history.

My trial was short, as the crowd claimed justice loudly. And Those Whom We Speak Highly Of knew my liberty was a drop in the ocean, compared to the anger and disturbance of the people impacted by my admitted mistake. It was soon announced that I was proven guilty, and was sentenced to the worst punishment.

Just being.

Kept captive in the center of NOW, I know they were wrong. Deprived of an image, and of the simplest feeling, I just keep being, in total darkness, hoping someone, somewhere, will care enough to fight Them back, and find a way to make Them change their mind.

Until then, my soul will keep wandering…

Just a powerless handful of thoughts, completely at Their mercy. Denied any contact with the outside world of NOW, let alone with humankind. Not allowed to rest, bombed with Their constant reminders of my failure.

I know Their ultimate goal; being able to break the very last thing They cannot control. This glimpse of hope. Just reddish embers, but burning still. How could it be otherwise, anyway?

Locked in this sense-deprived cocoon, hope is really all that is left for me, for now.

Because if I lose it, They won’t even allow my soul to die.



Two days ago, I announced that I would attempt this 2018’s NaNoWriMo Challenge. I am considering a collaboration with a fellow blogger who really inspires me with their way to pen stories, but we’re still just discussing the possibility of doing a joint challenge. In case our project wouldn’t work out, or would be postponed, I thought I should try to come up with the idea of a story I could work on in solo.

I would really appreciate your thoughts about this synopsis, or kind of preface to the story I am building around Udfrielse, a mysterious character condemned for a serious, yet a bit blurry crime… Please be honest, if you don’t like it, or simply don’t feel no interest in this kind of tales, let me know.

9 thoughts on “Udfrielse…

  1. I like it. I’m not as well read as some of your other readers (Hello Miss Eleanor! ❤ ) so I can't compare it to anything or guide you…but I can tell you I liked it and I think it's clever and open to a lot of different interpretations. It reminded me of the witch trials….might not be where you were going but it did. 😉 I also liked the thought from sonofabeach about purgatory.
    See lots of ways to take it. You're a smart cookie. ❤


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