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I got hit by the NaNoWriMo train!

It was bound to happen.

I will be starting my fourth year as a blogger in November, and I’ve seen a whole lot of NaNoWriMo stuff going through my Reader, along my blogging journey. To be honest, I hadn’t even noticed that it took place in November, and to me it was just some very mysterious challenge, that a lot of skilled writers I know seemed to have tried out.

Today, both Marquessa and Brutus wrote about how they’d be joining the Challenge this year. And my first question was…

What the dang is NaNoWriMo??

I did my homework, and called Google, and we had a chat, and I think I get it. So for those of you who, just like me, didn’t know much about it until today, here’s a brief (and clear, I hope) explanation…


NaNoWriMo stands for “National Novel Writing Month”. And the goal is simple; to write a 50,000 words novel during the month of November. There are no cash prizes, so don’t even think about cheating! The only thing you’ll get out of this challenge, if you make it through, is a lot of pride, AND a 50,000 words novel!

I want to try this out.

My main worry, aside from finding an interesting plot to develop, is wether I should start this NaNoWriMo Challenge in French or English. It seems to me it would be easier in French, speed-wise, for obvious reasons. But, I feel that if I want more support, and with a little luck, have a couple of people read what I am coming up with, to have feedback, it would be much easier to get that from English speaking readers. I’m still debating over this with myself.

I have created my account on and I am getting familiar with all the features. I know I’ll have to put in my daily word-count, and that I can win badges, but there’s still so much to learn.

Please let me know if you’re part of the challenge, so I can add you to my “writing buddies”! I’m listed under “Cyranny” (no surprise there, LOL)

And if you have participated, and/or are participating this year, what are your advices for a newcomer? If I’m to fail at this, I’d like to do it with panache!  Mouahahahahaha But seriously, I’d be glad to read your thoughts about your own experience!




15 thoughts on “I got hit by the NaNoWriMo train!

  1. My humble advice and notes: You need to decide on your story before November 1. Getting feedback on what you are writing may be challenging if others are also writing 1,666 words per day. The Nano Prep month i


  2. I hit Enter by accident! The Nano Prep month has awesome activities so you should join. Though I formally sign up, I no longer buddy up because I am always scrambling to get my words done and can not offer proper support. And by the end of the month, I am exhausted like after A to Z. This year I would like to “win” so that I can get the discount on the Scrivener software and othe perks that are offered to those who meet the 50K. 🙂

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    1. (thought so… 😉 ) I’ll definately give the prep month activities a check… This is both exciting and very frightening! LOL (I feel a little bi-polar… I feel like screaming “Weeeee this is going to be fun – What the dang am I getting myself into????)

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  3. Hi Cyranny, it’s great to have you with NaNo. I’ve done it twice and met some great writers. None of my novels has seen any light yet but I am working on it :-). You can hook up here even though I am not sure if I do it this year. On the other hand its so much fun to just write. That’s my advice. Don’t think of publishing or readers or let your inner critic get in the way. Just write your 1167 words a day and you’ll be surprised how much you can write in a month :-). Good luck!


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