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Burning Love…



Lay your turpentine
blistering lips, on my
self-consuming body…
I yearn for a trail of
Napalm kisses, scarring
every inch of me.
Smolder me and
spread the ashes
to the winds.
I wish not to
survive this journey
of pleasures and sins…



Via today’s Word of the Day Challenge: Infatuation

16 thoughts on “Burning Love…

  1. It’s nice to see you sweetly-pie
    That’s not a gun that’s in my pocket
    I’m a dangerous weapon, I won’t lie
    Baby, I’m a nuclear rocket

    Gonna make you mine, a prisoner of war
    Its not a truce, it’s not an honourable intention
    But you shouldn’t have shown me what I saw
    And expected the Geneva convention

    I won’t ask you for your thought until after we have fought
    I’ll take your breath before I offer you release
    I’ll take everything you’ve brought – your every petite mort
    Before I can offer any peace

    But we’ll be losing our skin in a war we both can win
    So wave your white flag, baby. Surrender.
    I’m asking for your trust in this blitzkreig of lust
    I just want to wrestle with you. Gender to gender

    (I feel infatuation – longing
    Let’s start saturation bombing)

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      1. How about …..

        It’s not a gun in my pocket
        It’s a nuclear rocket
        Gonna take you as my prisoner of war
        Not a matter of persuasion
        It’s a full-scale invasion
        Had a taste but now I’m coming back for more
        Sudden death or petite mort
        Taking everything you’ve brought
        Wave your white flag baby. Surrender.
        Not asking for your trust
        Just want to satisfy my lust
        Just want to wrestle with you
        Gender to gender.

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