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Prism shower,
diamond droppings,
on the royal blue
canvas painting…
all my shaded sorrows,
in bright colors
hiding true feelings.
Hoping this hand
knitted arch may
join the ends of our
two lives one sweet day.
I know a rainbow
requires rain…
But it also mean that
somewhere the sun shines.

I hope it does…
I hope.


Via today’s Fandango’s One Word Challenge prompt; Prism

2 thoughts on “Rainbow…

  1. At the end of the rainbow
    So I’ve been told
    Lies my destination
    Sits my pot of gold
    It’s there in the distance
    Yet moving away
    But I’ll not surrender
    I’ll be there one day
    I search for Nirvana
    For my Xanadu
    At the end of my rainbow
    I’m searching for you.


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