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My trips to the woodz!


Momz and Dadz don’t usually take me with them when they go on tripz. Especially Momz, who went to the Denmarkz many time without me. They alwayz tell me itz for my own goodz, because I am such a princess and all!

This time, though, when they packed their big bags of things and put loadz of food in Dadz’ car, they brought me along. I didn’t really want to go… I hissed in Momz’ arms, and I took my claws out, but I was feeling a little numb, after eating the treats from her hands. I complained a whole lot, the whole time we were in the car actually. I don’t understand how they manage to make things move so fast outside the windowz and I hate it! If they were taking me to the vet again, I’d claw their faces off!!

When we finally got out, we were not in front of the same house, and that was very confusing! There were no other houses around (???) only lotz and lotz of trees and green stuff. VERY weird. Momz, Dadz and Mlle J seemed very excited, but while they set thingz up for me, I went hiding for a while. There were plenty of beds and couches to lay under and wait for things to be back to normal…

But it didn’t.

Momz and Dadz were really excited about things like “swimming in the river” and “spending time in the hot tub” but both involved water so…. Not for me! I didn’t want to go walk in the woodz either. There were nice things to nibble on during supper, but afterward, they all spent their evening around fire… FIRE!! How dang dangerous it that??

The second day, they disappeared a very long time, which gave me a nice napping occasion, and first thing I knew, they were feasting again! At least, they had better ideaz to spend that evening, and I decided to participate a little…


IMG_8733 I played the Monopoly… Because I likes to be rich!



I waz the Beer Pong Tournament referee!



I went playing in the woodz… ok, on the woods! But it doz count!!




So this morning, when Momz and Dadz started packing again, I decided to sleep in. For a long time… Actually, right until Dadz started to pack the car again. Momz gave me treats, and I felt tired again, so I took a little nap again.

Suddenly, I was in Momz’ arms again (yuck!!) and things started moving in the cars’ windows again… It was a bit dizzying, and I lay on Momz lap and took another nap, because who doesn’t need a nap once in a while, right?




Momz and Dadz are unpacking and setting everything back to normal… I wanted to help, but I just can’t. Pfeww, after such a trip, there was just one thing to do. Rest.

Traveling is just too exhausting! Way too exhausting….

Home sweet home!

19 thoughts on “My trips to the woodz!

    1. Thank you 🙂 She is a little princess, and I just couldn’t leave her home. She didn’t enjoy the car ride, but the three days at the cabin were quite an adventure for her! How many furbabies do you have? 🙂

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    1. Thank you Gorgeous 🙂 She really wasn’t happy with the traveling part, but I think she loved the stay just as much as we did! And she added to the fun we had… I just wish she didn’t enjoy waking us early in the morning so much 😛 xx

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  1. Hhrrru? Freja! 😻
    It’s really nice to meet you. I am Misha the Russian blue tsar. I also hate being in the car and things moving so fast outside, but I don’t have to travel much. Luckily my peeps learned quickly that I am not like those strange Russian blue cats that they read about who like to travel. Travelling is very exhausting and I always sleep for hours after I get back home. And I especially hate going to the vet. But I like a nice adventure once in a while. I love it when my peeps are in the bathtub and I can climb on them and drink the water from it and look how it is moving. And I once saw fire, it’s very very dangerous but very very beautiful and it was so nice to look at it.
    I hope you had plenty of sleep and rest and treats after this exhausting trip.
    Friendly Mishpurrs.
    Misha 💙 💚 💜

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