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Just thinking…



This one will be short. I just hope someone will tell me they experience the same thing.

It seems like my brain is really smart and/or mean!

I don’t have sleeping problems. I can fall asleep relatively easily no matter where or when I need and can sleep. BUT! My brain has been playing an evil trick on me for the past couple of months.

I get that dreams are a collection of thoughts we sometimes don’t want to deal with when awake, and that nightmares are somehow useful. It is good to have a nightmare once in a while, because it lets the brain vent some ideas, fears and bad feelings.

What my brain has started doing is strange, to say the least. And it is not just a coincidence, because I have experienced it, as I already mentionned, over a period of several months.

When I go to bed, at night, my crazy brain leaves me alone. I dream, that’s for sure, but I only remember my dreams once in a while. I sleep like a baby. Every night.

But if I get awakened too early, take a trip to the bathroom, drink something, and then head back to sleep, or just simply take a nap in the afternoon, things are different. It seems like my brain considers it “extra” sleep, meaning it can do what it wants.

And I have nightmare after nightmare… I wake up in sweats, heart racing, remembering all the scary or hurting events my head put me through. Today, I even dreamt that I was having a nightmare. A nightmare in a nightmare, how afraid do I uncounsciously want to make myself??

This is really weird, and annoying. With my unusual working schedules, I do enjoy a nap every now and then, but I must admit that I now go to bed wondering what deranging thoughts will come to bother me.

Does anyone experience something similar? I’d really like to know I am not stuck with a one of a kind cruel brain!








17 thoughts on “Just thinking…

    1. I used to remember my dreams even during the night, and I could control them to a certain extent, which was fun, but these recent nightmares are a real drag! They are extremely vivid, and sometimes even wake up in tears… I hope I’ll get rid of them soon! 🙂

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  1. I’m afraid I can’t say I have experienced this, I don’t remember anything at all from sleeping. I rarely remember a dream. But a nightmare within a nightmare is something else… That is a wicked trick your brain is playing on you.

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    1. Oh, Saraa, I totally understand the feeling, sometimes it can take me half an hour to shake off the stress, sadness or fright, depending on the dream…

      I’m glad that the nightmares have started going away, you must have a calmer mind I guess 🙂

      *Big hugs* xx

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  2. What you’re doing is like yhe beginning of lucid dreaming, (well, almost) if you practice you could be able to control the outcome of your dreams. I do it tome to time and its pretty awesome. I rub my fingers together when Im dreaming and if it doesnt feel right it clues me in that its a dream. 😁 Helps kill the nightmares.


  3. I used to have that but thought it was the medication I was on. Rarely have them now, thank heavens. You could try a dream catcher, they are cool looking and affordable! Or the method above which sounds interesting but a bit scary. Good luck! How was the vacation?


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