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Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra, the sigh fight!


I am a pretty peaceful person. I don’t like confrontation, and I’m not one to put out a fight. Well, not usually.

There is one person I enjoy having a friendly battle with, every now and then. Yes, that’s right, I like having a picture battle with OM from Harsh Reality, and he knows it (believe me, I remind him constantly… I have gotten really good at sizing just the fine line between being annoying, and getting another restriction order!)

I must admit, this time, he was especially clever. He put a twist to his picture post, and I absolutely can’t resist stupid signs, so it was a given that I would battle his last post, Sigh…

You might remember the toaster incident that took place at my job a couple of months back… If you missed that, you can catch up here.

Well, there must be a Stupidity Challenge going on at work, that I haven’t been made aware of, because here’s a new sign that appeared just a couple of weeks back.



Picture taken from inside the lady’s room… Translation: “For a #2, flush twice”

I know that a toaster can be tricky to use, but a toilet?  Really?? I am a bit confused. I can’t believe adults (we are at work, and the children are not allowed in our highly guarded offices) need such a sign in 2018.

Plus, is it just me, or is it a bit insulting to use a little toilet character to warn me about the new “rule”? Isn’t it a bit patronizing?

I am waiting for the user guide for the paper towal (see what I’ve done here, OM?? LOL) distributor. I wouldn’t want to lose a finger trying to get them dry, now would I?


22 thoughts on “Picture Battle – OM vs Cyra, the sigh fight!

  1. Too funny!!
    Laughing at the picture and at the “battle” , I have a friend that I do the same with, though with words generally more than pictures . Battle of wits and yes, I usually lose, but it doesn’t keep me from trying! LOL!

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  2. I just so enjoy following your little feud. Hahah. And I have to say I think you win this one. That is SO patronizing- unless there are toddlers working there I don’t know who thought that was a bright idea. Hehe. But still…. gave me a chuckle!

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    1. Thank you Sunshine Gal 🙂 It is always fun to pull OM’s leg 😛 Toddlers are definately not allowed in our working building. A disturbing mystery, to say the least LOL But I win!!! So it’s all good! And I hope you’re doing great, my sweet friend 🙂 xx

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    1. It is indeed… LOL at least they didn’t put a little poo emoji to show exactly what they meant by “#2″… I feel almost flattered that they considered us intelligent enough to guess LOLOL

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