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I promise!

Dear Lovelies,

This will be short and sweet (ok, I doubt that – LOL), but I feel it is an important message I need to send out. It is, because it comes from a feeling I’ve had several times, lately. And waking up this morning, I had two specific proofs that this sensible matter was still au goût du jour.

If you are new to the blogging game, you might think that The Internets are a vast playground, and it is true, in a way. There are tons of blogs out there, far more than you’ll ever be able to follow. Some are just starting up, some are established and running well, and some are dying.

As I built my place in this virtual community, I discovered how such a small world it really is. If you pay close attention to who “likes” who and to the comments left in other people’s blogs, you’ll see it too.

I don’t share too much personal information in The Cove. But sometimes, I do connect with other bloggers, in private, and allow them to see a little more of me. I wasn’t exactly carefull, in my early blogging times, and it bit me in the a**. I learnt the hard way that although this cyber-community is mostly awesome, it can also bring its share of worries.

Online or offline, some people like to gossip and give out information, not always with bad intentions. But the other people they talk to, aren’t necessarly people I like, or people who like me. And that can lead to awkward, if not just horrible situations.

My point here? (yeah, I know… I said “short and sweet”… Dang me!)

The greatest lesson Mom and Dad taught me at an early age, is to do to others as I would like to be treated myself. I don’t say I master that, just yet, but I try really hard to apply it to all my interactions with people. And that means that anything you tell me in private, and any information you share with me (your thoughts, feelings, adress or phone number, for an example) is safe.

I wouldn’t want you to turn to one of your blogger-friends and tell them what we’ve been talking about, and I won’t do it either! Someone I like and trust, might be someone you have conflicts with, and I will NEVER take the chance to put someone in a bad situation, by releasing information about their life!

I already have the home adresses of a number of bloggers. As you might know, I love to send little gifts, cards or letters around the world. But I’d NEVER use this information for any other purpose, or give it out, unless your life was in immediate danger.

Sensible information you wouldn’t share publicly in your blog will stay between us, unless you agree or ask that I talk about it.

That is a promise!


21 thoughts on “I promise!

  1. Thank you, Cyr! Same goes right back to youuu! At the beginning I wasn’t exactly “careful” either.. it’s all a learning experience. This is a bit different but ..My thing was I didn’t realize that you can never delete comments from other people’s blogs..and while I didn’t say anything I’d regret or want to delete I just wasn’t necessarily hyper-vigilant before pressing that “send” button. After realizing that I’ve just been more thoughtful I guess than free with my comments and certain conversations. I also love sharing all details of our lives as you know, but on the internet you never know who might be reading and how people could track where you live, etc. Well thanks for letting me go off on a bunny trail haha. I appreciate our conversations always!

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  2. I can confirm every word of this. If you are lucky enough to talk to the lovely Cyranny then do it. It will be one of the best decisions you’ll make.
    And if you hurt her in anyway I’ll end your existence.
    Have a good day

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    1. I am getting ready for work right now (surprising, I know :P) and I was going to answer the comments only once at the office, but you so totally cracked me up, that I had to make an exception for you, Colin!

      LOL Giant, I am one lucky girl to know you… Thank you for being there, even when it means sitting with me (virtually, of course :P) as I stay quiet for a while 🙂 And thanks for the subtle threats 😛 You made my day! Muuuuuuuah!

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  3. you mean I can’t sell your address to the highest bidder? well dag nab it! I was planning a trip to freezingland on the proceeds too! Guess I better figure out a different income source! In all seriousness, those were very important words you wrote. too many share far too much then find themselves hurting because of it. great post!

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  4. I am a little more open than some bloggers. I use my real name in my blog and other places. Perhaps its a little self centered or narcissistic, anyway. I do respect the need for privacy among others. If they want to let me into their world then that’s cool.


  5. This is something I worry about. (Ha… what isn’t?) I have never shared my full name or my kids’ or husband’s name on my blog. And I’ve never shared pictures of myself or my family on my blog either. But… I have shared some of those things with my blogging friends privately… including my address. I will share if I trust the person… and know they would never betray that trust. Like you. ♥ And I know sometimes people like to have a face to go with the name. And well, if anyone wants to send me gifts, who am I to decline?

    I trust you… and I hope you trust me, too. And I only wish we had the opportunity to talk more… but you are far busier than I am… 🙂

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  6. That’s what i love about you Cyranny !
    You’re not just another amazing “blogger” or “talented writer”.

    You’re an awesome human.
    And that’s above and beyond.

    Love xox


  7. I make no secret of the fact that I am hiding behind a flimsy fabrication (no …. that’s not right …. I AM the fabrication, someone is hiding behind me). Occasionally little snippets of reality sneak through the cracks and I am not sure what to think about that. Suffice to say that I don’t think I have any enemies (well ….. Kate, of course, but that is just a family squabble) and, boringly, I have no dark secrets to hide.

    It’s just that being someone else for a few moments provides a certain freedom of expression. If Brutus gets too rude or dull or just too old then a quiet assassination can be arranged. No problem.

    But sometimes I feel I owe it to others to be a bit more forthcoming – to pull down the curtain from time to time. On the other hand, what would be the point of that.

    Anyway Cyranny, I would have never questioned that secrets would be safe with you.


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