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The bookstore…

Why was she so nervous?

He had only invited her to meet him at the cheap coffee shop in the back of the bookstore, a block away from her apartment, to exchange a few forms. Just a formal meeting for a contract she was to sign with the editor he worked for. She had checked his picture on the website of the company, merely to recognize him in the crowd, and he wasn’t even that handsome. He looked friendly, but no more than that. Still, she had wet palms, as she pretended to look for a novel, or an album to take home.

She was a little early, and he was a little late.

Letting her fingers dance more nervously than she had expected, she was about to send him a text message to know if he was indeed going to meet with her, at all. Her index was flirting with the “send” button, when his voice echoed, as if from nowhere.

Good morning, Miss!

He held a folder in a hand, and carelessly grasped on a weird bouquet of half wilted daisies, obviously picked in front of the bookstore, in the other. He stood clumsily before her, and greeting her with a smile that tickled something deep inside her, she didn’t remember even existed anymore…

They had only exchanged a couple of professional emails, and talked business over the phone occasionally. Still… She felt she knew him. She suddenly wanted to know him.

If anyone had asked her, that very moment, exactly how she had felt, only one word would have described it just perfectly.

She was totally flabbergasted. Period.


Via today’s Word of the Day; Flabbergasted

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