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There was a man…


There was a man called Kevin,
Who was quite keen on writing.
His poems tickled my heart,
And made me want to praise his fine art,
But I paled miserably, while trying!



Little wink at Kevin, from newauthoronline  😉

10 thoughts on “There was a man…

    1. Thank you 🙂 You know, I owe you a poem for your blog!… I know what it will be about, I just didn’t find the right words just yet. But I have not forgotten you 🙂 xx


      1. I had an old spinster aunt who went to Swiss finishing school and, as far as I can tell, never worked a day in her life. From 5 in the afternoon she would drink brandy and smoke an endless train of cigarettes. If anyone mentioned something along the lines of ‘6:20’ she would respond with, “6:20? AM??? My God! Is there such an hour?”


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