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Brainstorm session, you’re welcome!



As I mentionned earlier, I am thinking about adding new things to The Cove in the upcoming weeks… I’m trying to sit and have sort of brainstorming sessions. But due to my current schedule, it seems like only half my brain shows up for the meeting… So I have ideas, but things are not perfectly clear just yet.

One of them came from your kind comments about my voice, when I posted my contest application video. I know some people already do it. Kevin records himself, from time to time, and I know I enjoy listening to his poems.

So I thought I’d start by recording some of my poems on audio files, link them to the text version, and repost them.

I already have a couple in mind, I’d like to give a shot, because I remember liking the flow of them… But I’d like to have your opinion.

Is there a poem, you’d like to hear? Does the idea interest you, at all? Would you recommend not bothering with the whole thing?

I’m curious… What do you think?

36 thoughts on “Brainstorm session, you’re welcome!

  1. Honestly… I’ve never actually listened to any bloggers read their work. I don’t really know why. Sometimes, I’m not alone when I read the post so I don’t play the audio. I don’t know… maybe I’m weird. (No doubt about that, really…) But… I have seen audio links on several bloggers’ posts/poetry. I think if you want to do it, go for it!

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    1. I’m still considering it… though I might use audio a whole other way.

      I don’t think you are weird at all, I understand why “listening” to bloggers may not be specially appealing to you 🙂 It is different for everybody… Thank you for your comment, Sandra! xx

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    1. Thank you, Tony 🙂 I am still considering the idea. I easily get excited about new projects, but I don’t want to rush into it either… Good to know you think it would be cool 🙂 xx


  2. I’ve done a few audio poems, on some app I found that works well. It’s very cool to have the ability to transmit your words, both on screen and through your voice. I’d love to hear some of your poems. There’s one blogger on here, CEyr who has almost all his weekly poems and Sunday and Friday Flash fictions through audio. It’s very neat 🙂

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  3. I wrote a comment but can’t see it here?
    I would love to hear your dulcet tones again reading a few of the happy couple posts … she has been out in that forest far too long! Please bring her home safely soon?


  4. I have my reservations about the plan. I have always thought that the written word was meant to be read and not heard. There’s something about authors reading their own works aloud that makes me feel uncomfortable ….. there is a certain vanity about it. I’m a great believer in the concept of ‘creative reading’ – what you get out of any piece of writing may be different from what I get out of it. But if the author reads it aloud themselves it seems to say to me “this is what you should be hearing” and that actually detracts from the potential of it.

    That said, book readings seem to be very popular and I am clearly in the minority.

    I should also add (and I know we are on the same page with this) that Leonard Cohen could read the instruction manual for a vacuum cleaner and make it sound like poetry.

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    1. You’re bringing a very interesting point here.. I am glad you took the time to write it. Most people who wouldn’t be interested in listening to that kind of readings, probably just won’t comment.

      Your point of view is thought provoking, and I’ll keep it in mind 🙂 Thank you for sharing it…

      And you are right about Sir Cohen! Wish I had a voice a tenth as seducing to the ear… I’d most surely want to do something out of it.


      1. No worries, Brutus. I thought it was a little bit “in your face” in the delivery, though very well said, but no offence was taken. I was just a bit surprised…


      2. I am horrified. I should learn to edit a bit better. Seriously …. I really loved your YouTube contribution. There was an honesty about it that is so sadly lacking in these days of outrageous self promotion. Your accent is quite different to what I know of Canadians. To me, most Canadians sound American, but to Americans I sound (apparently) Canadian. It is the French influence, I suppose, that makes you sound sweeter.

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      3. Thank you, it is nice of you to say… I don’t think I have neither a Canadian nor an American accent.. Probably because, as you mentionned, I am French, learnt the language from Americans, and use it just for work, or while traveling. It must be a mix of this and that….


      4. Can’t say for the voice, but words-wise, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree… And you’re better off with golden words than a sweet voice, if you have to choose. When you die, your voice doesn’t linger…

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    1. It works, and it did make me smile… Reminds me of how friends of mine made fun of one of my favorite singer, Shawn Mullins. They said he wasn’t a “singer” and just mumbled and spoke over music…. hehehe


      1. This comes from an old Australian TV show that always finished with a different version of ‘Stairway to Heaven’ ….. the joke being (I think) that the lyrics sounded so deep and meaningful to we impressionable children of the times but were, in fact, quite meaningless and ridiculous.

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