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Oh what a day…

But days are just that, days. Days come, days go.


I’ll get back at your pending messages tomorrow. Sorry for today.



28 thoughts on “Ughh…

    1. Hi there Kate!! Glad to see you’re back! Missed you too, kind lady!

      I’m ok, just incredibly low on energy. Our work schedules have been changed at the beginning of the year, and I have a rough time getting used to it.

      Really, nothing that bad… Didn’t mean to whine, I just wanted to leave a little note to show I wasn’t ignoring anybody…

      How was your retreat? *Big hugs*

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  1. Feel the love! I’m having a day too–I’ve worked for 8 days straight and will work for 7 more without a break. I can barely see straight, and I’m trying my best to touch base with all my virtual friends, but it’s hard!

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    1. OMGaaaawd!! Give me five!!

      I feel like I’m talking to a mirror (which wouldn’t be surprising just now… ) What are you slowly killing yourself for a living, dear? 15 days in a row, you’re beating me… I must bow down! I’m only on an 8 days stretch, but this weekend, I start at 5am, and that is pure torture.

      I just want to answer my messages, and go wander in fantasyland, but my brain is not cooperating. :/

      *big hugs*

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    1. The hole you made? Are you talking about our last conversation? I hope not… But I do think about you a lot these days…

      No no, no worries, just tired because of work.

      *warm hugs and much luv* right back at you, dear friend!! I hope you’re doing better, Gorgeous xx


    1. Thank you, and *big hugs* to you too!!

      I’m sorry to read that you had exhausting days this week too… I hope you’re doing better, now! I hope Spring will bring some energy along!


  2. I hope you’re feeling less exhausted? frustrated? I don’t know but I hope you feel better. It’s good, though, that you separate the days… one might be bad but the next could be good. I have a hard time with that. I think because I have too many bad days. I’ve forgotten what the good ones feel like. And I’m scared of the coming week. But I’m sorry to go on and on. Sending a big hug… ♥

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    1. Thank you, Sandra… Batteries are low, but it’s not as bad as it can seem… I was just frustrated because I expected to spend more time taking care of my things here, and I just couldn’t. But you know what they say, “shit happens” (pardon my French) and then you move on…

      *Big hugs* to you too, Gorgeous… xx

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  3. We all have those days! I had one while staying at a gorgeous beach condo working on nothing buy my book. Lol. It can happen any time! Hopefully today will be a better one for you!


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