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She sat alone in the darkness of the cigar lounge. Penny had already texted her a thousand times begging her to meet Damien and her at the restaurant where they were having a late dinner. Penn disapproved, but she didn’t care.

The jazz quartet played on stage and she enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the room. A wise choice for their reunion. It had been a full year since she had cut all ties with Don. Well, that wasn’t quite true. It was the first anniversary of his last attempt at trying to catch her attention.

One year of perfect silence between them two.

It hadn’t been easy. Back then, her whole universe revolved around him, just as he had tricked her to make it. It had taken her months not to expect his insisting pleads anymore. She had been lucky that her family and old friends were still waiting for her, even after all the worries she had given them. Her cell phone vibrated.

You still have time, we haven’t ordered dessert yet!

She turned her phone off, and scanned the room again, replacing her short skirt, before taking a sip of Pinot Noir.

That’s when she spotted him, in the crowd.

He hadn’t changed… The same class, the same chic ways, the same way to carry himself with grace. She felt butterflies in her stomach as he approached her.

Of course, she remembered the bad times. It was easy to remember the building jealousy. She knew damn well that he had slowly isolated her. And she was aware of all the work to rebuild herself when she had fled to Penny’s, after her short stay at the hospital.

But looking at him walking her way, she remembered why she had fallen for him in the beginning. His strongly built silhouette, moving like a feline… She could imagine his smell from her seat. Fuck, he was handsome! And she knew how convincing he could be with these skilled fingers.

Oh! She remembered.

Her phone vibrated again, and she didn’t even care to turn it around to see the message on the screen.

– Good evening, gorgeous…

She stood up and turned her cheeks, to welcome his cautious pecks.

– I’ve never seen you this stunning!

Extending an arm, she showed him his seat, and sat back herself. She was grateful the darkness of the room probably kept her sudden blushing hidden. She had ordered his favorite scotch, well, the best she could afford, before his arrival. He picked the glass and raised it her way, to cheer to their reunion.

– To second chances!

She smiled as her glass hit his, in mid-air.

– To second chances, indeed!

He stared right through her, just as she remembered it. Her phone vibrated on the table. Don suggested she took the call, but she refused. He reached out to grab her hand, but she eluded his move, elegantly brushing through her black locks.

– This will only take a minute, Don.

He looked surprised. “Good” she thought. His lost gaze gave her the courage to go on…

– Don… She paused to take a big sip of wine to give her a bit of courage. Thank you! A year ago you thaught not to give up my heart… To keep my deepest thoughts to myself, and to be cautious about who I should let into my life. And no matter how much it hurt to go through all this, you managed to make me a better person… Drinking the last drops from her cup.  Thank you… Really!

She picked her phone up, put on her coat, and threw her bag over her shoulder before walking passed him, not even caring about the look on his face.

On her way out of the bar, she hastily texted…

Order me a crème brûlée, please. I’ll be there in 10 mins! 



This was inspired by Marquessa’s A to Z Challenge. Her story isn’t finished yet, but this is how I wish it ended 😉  You can pick up her first episode here.


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