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German police have detained the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont under a European arrest warrant as he crossed from Denmark into Germany. (you can read about it here)

Why, Mr Puigdemont?

Why leave Denmark?


12 thoughts on “Why??

  1. I thought it’s not clear if Germany would sent him to Spain. Has that changed? It is incredible that this Catalan catastrophe happens in this day and age in Europe. Just shows how vulnerable democracy is…

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    1. It is… People follow the news closely here, in Québec, because we already had two referendums in the past, to separate from Canada… I guess a lot wonder if something similar would happen if we gave it another round, and won…

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  2. I start to wonder if Spain ever had it. After all it was a dictatorship until 1975. As for the referendums in Quebec: they were legally accepted weren’t they? The Catalonian’s wasnt fully legal as far as I can see. Still the Spanish government should not be such hardliners. I suspect if they’d given a legal opportunity to vote most would have wanted to stay with Spain while many now want to leave who didn’t in the first place.

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    1. Well, I am no pro about politics, but from what I know, things went well here because the vote was (even if it was a very close call in 1995) against Québec separating from Canada… I have a feeling things would have gotten ugly if the “Yes” people had won…


      1. As you say, people are so unpredictable… And there is a lot of anger and frustration in the world today. Sometimes ends up in very regrettable situations :/


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