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The key…

Via today’s Daily Prompt: Patience


Quiet morning, unfolding.
Just another day, another
turn of the Big Blue, nothing
more and nothing less,
nothing worst and nothing
best… Just your colors
spilled on my coffee table,
time standing still. So very
still… Staring at the pieces
of my heart, lying there
naked and fragile, waiting
to be put back together, no
box to tell what the final
picture should look like,
just hoping no piece will
be missing… In the end.
In the end… when your
fingers pick the morsels
of my silly looking life,
making a worthy story
out of them again. And,
again drawing a smirk on
the pictures where I forgot
to smile, painting light
where only darkness
lays, where shadows are
the only texture. And so
narrow is the aperture
between night and day.
And day and night. Nothing
in between, nothing in sight.
Waiting, patiently. Waiting
for thee.

If only patience
was the key…

23 thoughts on “The key…

  1. Great anticipation in this and emotion. You really feel it. The patience at the end seems to be very difficult for the narrator. It’s more a hope that he’ll mend her heart.

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