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I am not yours…

Previously posted on February 17th of 2016.


You wish I were… I think you probably believe I am. All yours, your one and only, yours truly… But you are wrong. Just because you brought me home doesn’t mean I am yours…

It was love at first sight for you, I saw it right away. The way your eyes lightened up when you saw me in the corner of the room, I knew you’d take me with you. I played hard to get a little, letting you cover me with compliments, and promises of the good life you were ready to offer me…

I kept my cool, waiting to see if you were worthy of my love. But not having a place of my own, I followed you home. You were all excited, and riding in your car, I wondered how I’d put up with so much attention… I could always run away if you suffocated me with all your loving.

I am not yours, even if I made myself at home the moment you opened the door of the house. Which is nice, I have to admit.

I know you took some pictures while I was asleep on your bed on my first day at your place… I can imagine yourself showing them at work, to make your colleagues jealous…

  • Isn’t she gorgeous? Isn’t she the prettiest? And she’s MINE! She’s waiting for me, napping on MY bed… Oh my God, am I not the luckiest??!

And you are indeed pretty lucky my dear… Because I don’t request much from you. I let you brag on Facebook about having me in your life, and it is surprising how many likes you get every time… Each and every one of them would take me the minute you’d let me down, and you know it. So you cherish me…

You don’t get tired of calling my name… And I deliberately ignore you when you do so. I can hear you from the hallway but I barely turn the head, forcing you to come to me, and not the opposite, see who’s whose?

Sometimes you offer me little treats I can’t refuse, hand feeding me creamy cheese I lick off your fingers eagerly. You feed me the best you can find to put on my plate, and just to show you who’s the boss, I sometimes snub what you prepared and walk away. But one look at you with the mildest “I’m hungry” complaint will make you run to the kitchen to prepare a second plating!

Why would I do otherwise? With all I bring to your life! I have a natural talent to make you feel special… You know, like when you’ve been working late on whatever it is you do, and I just sneak in behind you, and distract you by rubbing my whole body against yours until you give up and follow me out of your computer room.

I just have to lay my wide green eyes on you to get your whole attention. You’ll stop doing anything to watch me walk across the room slowly. You know what I am about to do, and I take a pause, just to make you wonder. And then I join you on the couch, sit on your lap, and offer myself to your sweet caresses…

I must admit I love the feel of your large hands on my body… Especially when you massage the back of my neck and when you press your palm on my belly, while we watch tv together… and at night, when I fall asleep, curled up against your worn out body, I dream of the day you won’t have to leave me alone for hours, and work, for whatever reason you still do that.

I’m not yours… you are mine. And I did fall in love with you too! But I’ll always make sure to make you doubt that, because it is how we are…  We… Cats….





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