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Time to vote… One week left!


Only one week left!

Only? Come on, that’s still a whole lot of time, to choose from five fabulous flags… So far, #1 has three votes, #3 one vote and #5 has gathered four! If you haven’t voted already, just click on the link below, and leave your opinion in the comments!

On February 1rst, I’ll announce the winner, and I’ll make the arrangements to have the flags delivered as soon as possible. I can’t wait to have mine flying at my second floor balcony, and send one to the winning designer!

Happy voting!


No, I wasn’t joking with this Flag Contest. I am aware that I say a lot of silly things, and do a lot of goofy stuff in The Cove. I might even have lost all eventual credibility as a serious writer in the future, because of that. But blogging is about having fun (unless […]

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