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Why do you love me?

Vohne kept stacking the logs for the upcoming winter’s cold weather. The words had come out of his lips, but he knew it was her who wanted to talk about it. She had this way of invading his thoughts and she loved snuggling in his head, in between two warm memories…

Cibel sat close by, in the tall grass. Mending a dress he didn’t remember her wearing, she feigned to be surprised by his question. Her large eyes going from the needle in her hand to Vohne, she considered answering. But she waited a while, weighing her own thoughts, behind her long, dark eyelashes.

Swinging one last piece of wood on the top of the pile, Vohne leaned against the logs and gave her his full attention. He wished he could see through her, but she wouldn’t let him, just yet. And as much as she mind read him as she wished, he never could figure what was going on behind her semi-absent gaze.

Oh Dearest, I don’t know really… Maybe because you make my heart sing? – He couldn’t say if she was actually waiting for an answer, so he just kept staring at her lovingly – I think…   I think that when I’ll need a reason to love you, I will have to leave you!

He noticed a quick smirk on her lips, not sure just what it meant.

I’ll never need a reason to love you!

Watching her hands working on the delicate fabric, this time, her lips hadn’t moved. She had spoken to his mind. Leaving him the silent, witness-free promise of her burning feelings.

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