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The Dove…

via today’s Daily Prompt; Forlorn



Wrote my thoughts

my hopes and my dreams

on the virgin canevas of

a white dove’s wings.

Working patiently,

my purest wishes

carefully penned

on the feathers’ tips…

Inking our story, or

at least my side of it

on the lovely bird’s back

covering every bit…

Bent for endless hours

on the quiet animal’s body,

amazed by its patience,

and its stillness very…

When the last of my

work, was finally done,

the white dove looked

more, like a homing pigeon.

Which fit very well

the mission waiting ahead

to fly from me to you

never losing the message

held, writen across its

heart, its belly and its

tail… Wishing you all

but the best, wishing upon

everything, that you are

well… And murmuring, in

my most delicate writing

all I hope you’ll someday

have the chance of hearing,

from my very lips… You,

my Darling, although you

might sometimes feel weary and

down, were never, not the split

of a second… No, never were

you, my Dearest, forlorn…





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