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Cyranny’s Jukebox…



I hesitated before posting this.

Today, I’d kick Life in the nuts if the occasion presented itself. I am not sad, or angry but it is just one of those “Really Life? Is this necessary just now??” kind of day. We all have one from time to time, right? The kind of day when it’d feel good to punch Life in the throat… I probably wouldn’t even hurt it… I have sissy arms, and I’m pretty sur Life would be faster than me, and would dodge my punch anyway.

I am aware that every annoying thing bugging me just now isn’t even worth mentionning. So why come here and talk about it, then? Well simply because the following song has been playing on my tablet non-stop (almost) since early this morning, and for some reason, it just makes me feel better. The punching through the air part, in particular.

Plus, the singer reminds me of Ragnar, and even though that won’t make anything better, a Viking touch is always welcome!

Again, no worries of any kind to have. I’ll probably just bust my average share of eye-rolling today, and go hide under my comforter as soon as I’ll be back home, and far from the office again.


24 thoughts on “Cyranny’s Jukebox…

  1. Very cool! I’d never heard that song or seen that video. Very well done!

    I understand your day even without knowing the details. Sometimes we just have days where its like we wake up in an alternate universe where everything is absurd. And yet, we’re powerless to change it in any way. We have to just keep muddling along and pretending that everything is not absurd or irrational.

    Hope everything is better soon!

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    1. Thanks Biff! I am home now, so things can just improve from now on… Then again, me & Murphy are such close friends πŸ˜› Nah, just joking, things will be fine πŸ™‚ Thanks for the kind thoughts! xx

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      1. Thank you, Biff! I hope that won’t be too much of a hassle Monday morning at work! Or is that a brilliant plan to skip one or two day? You wise man!! “I gotta keep them crossed for Cyranny!” I’d love to see you telling your boss!

        Jokes aside (proving “being home” is working)… Really sweet of you πŸ™‚ xx

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      1. Oh good. My son just sent a pic of his six yr old at birthday party at A Kids Place. Says the old Chucky Cheese places are too dangerous for kid’s parties anymore. Sad news.

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  2. awwww, sweetie…sending virtual hugs to you. Not that it makes anything better but I felt like I actually DID something by saying that. Cool group…never heard of them before now.

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