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We Assume, We Judge — A Momma’s View

This is really a chain of thoughts…  Danny from Dream Big Dream Often inspired Momma, and Momma inspired me, with the post below…

Like most people, I am prompt to judge. I have been working very hard at stopping to reflect and be aware of my free judgement toward people I come across, for some time now. I try to put aside the easy profiling, and somehow imagine the people’s life in a less obvious way than what’s just there in front of my eyes…

I work on that, because I want to be a better person, and because I have been judged my fair deal of times in the past. Momma’s words brought me years back on one particular occasion, when I just wanted to stop, turn around, and set an idiot straight, but didn’t because I had no energy to do so at the time.

I don’t talk about it often anymore, aside from when I have to explain why my eating habits are so odd, but I was morbidly obese. And my weight brought a lot of judging on me.

That one day, I was working the night shift, getting out of the office around 7am, but I couldn’t go back home, because my mom was getting some surgery done, and needed me to be there when she’d get to her room. My dad had to take care of their business, and it was a pleasure to spend my afternoon with her… When it was time to leave her around dinner time, I got called for a reason that I don’t remember, but I know that I had to drive to Québec City and back, which means a three hours drive not counting the time spent there, for whatever reason I went.

When I got back to Trois-Rivières, I was exhausted, having had no sleep in well over 24h. I was starving, because I had only had something like a sandwich at the hospital in the morning… And I just dreamt about getting back home.

I stopped in a McDonald’s and got myself two cheese burgers… No, no. No Big Mac… No insane 5 patties burgers… or supersized frises. No tall milkshake, or anything like that. I had my tiny bag in my had, already thinking about my sweet night of sleep, when I heard some guys behind me;

– R’garde la grosse cochonne qui avait besoin de sa dose! (Look at Ms Piggy here, who needed her dose….)

I am not one to talk back. I let people talk, and hope that karma has my back. But that time I just wished I had the energy to turn around and speak my mind.

Of course, we don’t usually tell people what we think about them. But I remember wondering what I would have heard if every client in the restaurant had spoken their mind…

I think about that night when I catch myself judging others… Thank you, Danny and Momma for the thought provoking posts!


Danny is a very inspiring person. By simply asking his Questions of the Day or by posting his videos. One of the last ones is about judging. And I actually found it funny to watch and listen to. There is Danny, sitting in a chair on the beach and he starts talking about all the […]

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7 thoughts on “We Assume, We Judge — A Momma’s View

  1. Thanks for the mention and people like that are everywhere. The sad thing is many of us, myself included, have had some thought like his at some point geared at someone else. It makes me wonder what mechanism inside humans causes this. Why are we so quick to judge? To make ourselves feel elevated? I’m not sure buy I don’t like that part of me.

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    1. Thank you Nikki! For sharing and for your kind words! xx

      Is it just me, or is there no Penguin Prompt this week? Just wondering, because I didn’t see any announcement, and I’d hate to miss it just because I didn’t notice it….


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