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1, 2, 3… Chill!!

for Nikki’s Creative Prompt – Week 6 : What’s your chill?


While wondering about the best way to chill, I thought I’d ask the chilling master… Freja! She basically lives to chill, and maybe, if I petted her the right way, I could get some advice…

So I walked around the apartment, to find the beast in one of her favorite chilling spots, and here’s what she looked like…



I asked the furball, and waited for her words of wisdom about chilling…

me – Hey Miss Fluffy, I need help for my blog… Can you tell me how to chill, cat style?

her – *staring as if I didn’t exist*

me – Freja??

her – Oh, right… Chilling….   *back to staring*

me – So…?

her – Itz easy Mum… Just be!

me – *staring*

her – Exactly, you got it!  *eyes closing…. end of discussion*


Now, most people would be disappointed at this point, but I think she said it all… Just be. That’s the perfect and purest way to chill… To sit back, chase all the worries, and the questions, and the planning, and the thoughts that clutter your mind, and just be for a moment. To just exist and breathe, and…. Be.

I didn’t say it was easy, nor did she…. Though she seems to be pretty good at reaching that level on the chill scale!

Go ahead, allow yourself ten minutes of pure feline chill! Lay down, just focus on being here and now…  You can thank Miss Freja later!

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