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Saying I love you…



Words, words… I think we’ll all agree words have their importance, otherwise, what would be the interest in having a blog, right?

It seems we’ve never had so many ways to communicate. Humans have developed all kinds of ways to get in touch, exchange ideas, share views of the world… We connect with people on the other side of the planet in a matter of seconds.

For most people, it is really easy to say “I love you”. But when it comes to proving it with actions, many just bail out. It doesn’t take much to make someone feel loved. Simple attentions, little gestures, minutes taken from our busy lives to say “you are important”…

And yet… We often rely on these three words to do the job.

I think I try to show people I love what they mean to me. But I still need to work on this.

What about you? What do you, or what could you do to make your loved ones feel more special?

4 thoughts on “Saying I love you…

  1. I use to live to hear these words but a lot of times I was so disappointed because there was nothing to substantiate them. To me, love is an action word. You can say I love you all you want but they are just words.

    “It doesn’t take much to make someone feel loved. Simple attentions, little gestures, minutes taken from our busy lives to say “you are important”…”

    This is the proof of your love. It is the smallest of things that can make someone “feel” the love someone else is proclaiming. I try to show my love in ways that each person needs to feel it. Some need words of affirmation or encouragement, others receive love in small gestures, etc. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how someone receives love but if you pay attention to them, you can usually figure it out.

    Thank you for this thought provoking post!

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    1. Thank you for the great comment 🙂

      I agree, a lot of people rely on saying these 3 words to make people feel they love them… I’m glad to see you are into expressing love through little attentions too… 🙂

      I like your point on the “receiving end” and again, I agree that paying attention is the key. It might mean putting a little more efforts in relationships, but it also reults in more fulfilling ones 🙂 I think !

      I wish you a great weekend 🙂 xx

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