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The chili cure…



When life doesn’t live up to your expectations, have chili. Hot and spicy chili. It makes me feel alive…

She still could hear his soothing voice as she peeled the boiled tomatoes over the kitchen sink. She wanted to believe she was just being silly, but she knew he was right…  Cooking always appeased her, especially when she made food from scratch.

She was good at following recipes, she wasn’t that rebellious with meat and vegetables. But all the measuring, and the timing involved, sucked the ultimate fun about cooking, from the whole experience…

Chopping the skinned tomatoes into dice, she gave the gound beef, onion and garlic already simmering on the stove a check. The sweet peppers were ready to join in, and the spices she was yet to choose from, aligned on the table.

The only frustrating part about making this chili was the time she had to let it sit there, slowly developping its complex flavors, becoming what it was meant to be, a mind blanket of some sort, and a mouth burner. But if that was the price to pay to feel alive, it was a pretty cheap toll.

She stirred the chili, and covered the pot.

Hot and spicy… she murmured.

She wished she could share the fruit of her labor with him,  he probably would be the only one who’d understand. She turned her thoughts back to the chili… It needed her attention… And chopped cilantro, and lime wedges…




3 thoughts on “The chili cure…

  1. Love Chili. I’m not vegetarian but my Dad makes this awesome vegetarian Chili. Another one of my favs is chicken Chili. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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