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Oh TV, come on…

We have cable tv at home. If that is still the name for having way too many channels to choose from, and always ending up watching the same two or three.

During Winter, there are a number of series we like to record and watch at night. But in Summer, things are a lot quieter, and Chéri just zaps around while I try to catch up on my messages and the ideas that flutter in the back of my head.

Now, we all know that a couple hundred channels can feel a little restraining when you want to express your inner zapping spirit!  So, why not subscribe to Crave TV? For those of you who wouldn’t know Crave TV, it’s basically Netflix’s cousin.

So we have tons of films, series and documentaries on top of our hundreds of 24/7 channels… Yay!

Ok, I admit, I was happy to have access to certain TV shows…  Like The Big C. The series, starring Laura Linney is a perfect balance of drama and comedy, and I had seen the first two seasons a couple of years ago.

And now, I am enjoying third season.  Which brings me to the point of this post.

*spoiler alert*

In this third season, Cathy’s husband, who had a heart attack and clinically died in season two, decides to become a blogger and share his near death story….  And the man starts ranting about having only seven readers.


Then, Cathy gets both of them into a motivation program, and the motivator gets interested in the husband’s blog. Next thing you know, bing bang pow! Paul suddenly jumps to over 2000 followers the next day.

Wow, right?

I just came across the 700 milestone (Yay!!  Thank all of you, Lovelies!! Muaahhh!) and I get excited when I see 5 new readers joining The Cove in one week! Now, someone must have skipped researching the blogging world before writing that scene, or maybe I just underestimate the influence of those motivation speakers…

Should I try to get in touch with the author of “The Secret”?

Then again, I didn’t experience near death, maybe that’s the “Secret”….   LOL




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