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Cyranny’s Jukebox…




Go ahead, have good laugh… Yes, I do enjoy some of Nickelback’s songs, and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Now, why this tune and why tonight? I’ll get to it in a minute…

If I had received a dime everytime I told people “I could get out of here, and get hit by a car, and be gone”, I’d be rich by now. People tend to think that I am a pessimist, when I say that, but what I really mean is that you have to live as if tomorrow might not come, because the fact is… It might not come.

Tonight, Life almost proved me right! Oh my Gawd, how ironic it would have been, if I had walked slightly faster…

I was out to take care of a few things, and the weather was so nice that I had taken the long walk to and from the store where I went. I walked to the park, and went through the school backyard… I took my time and spent almost an hour strolling around, enjoying myself.

On my way back, about two blocks away from home, I came to a crossroad where a big red pickup truck had stopped. I waited about thirty seconds. The guy didn’t seem to want to drive over, so I went ahead… And the jackass decided to turn just then!

He never flashed, and certainly had time to turn way before I tried to make my way across the street. But nooooo.

The pickup drove so close to me that I felt the breeze when I backed up from its way!

And the… the &*%&%#*# driver didn’t even look my way…


So, next time I say “I could get out of here, get hit by a car, and be gone…” don’t roll your eyes. I could!


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