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Sunrise, smiles & kisses…



He knew she loved to watch the sunrise… He loved to watch her fixate the horizon, as if maybe, just maybe, the sun would fail to raise up this particular morning. As the first rays of light would catch in her long, curly blond hair, giving her an aura she didn’t need to look angel-like, he sang her an aubade…

Sunrise was sacred, and he found endearing that talking was prohibited until the day had officially started. She could point out the exact moment when the sun rising ceremony was over. Or so, she pretended. He played along gladly.

The sun is now risen, my love!

Indeed, it was.

When her mornings were cloudy, and the rite postponed to the next day, he held her slightly tighter to console her. It didn’t take much to ruffle her feathers when it came to the sun.

When the clouds steal it from you, I’ll trade you a sunrise for a kiss and a smile, dearest…

He murmured that morning, just when her gaze left the skyline to meet with his eyes again. Her face lit up. Running childishly to the kitchen to pour him a mug of dark roast, he heard her musical giggles, just before she trotted back. Putting the coffee on the side table, she leaned against him, and pressed her pink lips on his lovingly…

You owe me one already…





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