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Just not Cinderella’s because, well, you all know I am no princess.

No, this morning, a little before 5 O’clock, I was getting ready for work when I chose to leave my Winter boots behind, and put on my Summer Denmark hiking shoes. I know hiking shoes are not the sexiest, but my Merrell hikers are dang comfortable, and that’s enough a reason to go for them.


The footsies, enjoying the reunion with my Summer Merrells.

I did remember that they were nice to wear, but not that much! The footsies were particularly happy, and we strolled to the office pretending to ourselves we were heading to the train station to travel to some unknown Vikingland hideout.

I was a bit disappointed when I got to my desk.

But the footsies weren’t. And I kept thinking about slippers. When you think about it, we all wear slippers, one way or another. It has been a recurrent topic in discussions with a good friend of mine.

We all have at least a pair of good old slippers. Just not necessarely on our feet. You know, that job that pays the bills, but makes you wonder what it would be like to do something you love instead? Or that relationship that is “ok”, even if you can’t help but compare yourself with all your friends, wondering if they are that much in love?  Having dreams but settling for less because it is so complicated to chase great goals?

It is easy to give up and settle. And I sure am in no position to give lessons. Changing your life, even if it is for the better, is scary and often rhymes with hard work. But isn’t it worthwhile? Stepping out of your comfort zone is scary, but it can be so rewarding… It can be so hard to weigh the pros and cons.

Sometimes, I think we won’t even admit to ourselves we are wearing slippers. Probably because aknowledging it would mean taking measures to better your life. Staying oblivious to slippers-wearing prevents us from taking that first barefoot step.

And I wonder… What kind of slippers are you wearing? Are you planning on doing anything to change your life for a more fullfilling, exciting one?

I sure am thinking a lot about that… But I am not getting rid of my Merrell slippers! I don’t want to risk tempting the footsies into treating me with ingrown nails to get even! No way!

10 thoughts on “Slippers…

  1. What a great thought provoking read. Yes, I’ve been wearing slippers for a few years now, well worn comfy ones, but lately I’ve been forced to put on some hatd knock work boots that don’t seem to be fitting so well. Hopefully time will fix that. Warmest wishes to you Cyranny.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Miriam… Yes, I think we all settle for comfort in one way or another, and it is not a totally negative thing. I can’t imagine always fighting for the best out of life. It would be exhausting and we just can’t win every battle, but sometimes, some things just have to change even if change is harder than staying put.

      Good luck with the hard knock boots 😉 I hope they’ll take you somewhere great!! xx

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  2. I had the chance to move out of my comfort zone and be happy, I didn’t take the chance because of fear of rejection, and it is my biggest regret in life.
    Every other day the “What if’s” pop in my head and just deflates me. Ive been trying for nearly two years to get passed that regret and move on but it’s not easy, and then something will happen that puts me back to square one.
    So I get what you are saying here I will never forgive myself for this particular regret, and it will haunt me the rest of my life.
    But hey shit happens
    And those shoes do look comfy

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    1. Shit does happen… and when it does, it often hits the fan too! Murphy’s laws!! 😉

      Don’t answer if it is too personal, I don’t want to be indiscreet, but in what part of your life did you get that chance that you decided to let pass you by? Work, traveling, relationship…? You got me curious there. If you’d like to tell, but are not comfortable pinning it openly in the Cove, you can always send me a note by email 🙂

      I hope you someday stop regretting that chance you didn’t take… That someday you’ll be so happy with life as it will be, that you’ll think “If I had taken the chance, I wouldn’t be here today! Good job, past-me!!”

      And yes… I confirm, those shoes are a little like walking on clouds 😉

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