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Seasons Borders…..Spring Writing Event

I participated to Colin’s Spring Writing Event, along with Kira (muuuah, Kira!! 😉 ), Paul and Colin himself! Come and have a look at our Spring themed stories 🙂

Thanks to Colin for holding the event, it was a lot of fun… Looking forward to the next one! Happy Spring to everybody 🙂

Welcome to my world.

[This is the third and possibly last entry for the Spring Writing Event written by the funny and talented Cyranny I hope you like it. I may be getting one more story to put up and I will try to write one myself, but work has been so insane I haven’t had time, if not ill do a ten-word story]

She was standing at the border of Winter past. Still wrapped in her long Winter pelt, walking along the thin line in between seasons… A freezing wind bit her bare hands, but the sun was surprisingly warm on her face while she waited for his arrival.

They had agreed to meet at the limit of the upcoming Spring, but she had her doubts. Their last encounter was purely based on luck, and she might not have as much chance this year… What if he didn’t show up? What if she…

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