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Denmark leftovers…


I have a habit of putting things in my pockets and forgetting them… Which is nice when it is loose change! Every change of seasons, I collect the 25 cents tokens I’ve left for dead during the past few months….

Today, I thought I’d go through my pockets since it was quiet for a bit at work, and I found these reminders of my trip in February….


-An adult (Voksen) Metro ticket… Yes, the adult part is sometimes argueable, but I am almost 40, so technically, I am an adult.

-The proof that I experienced Danish postal services… Quite an adventure since I learned on site that they only accepted cash and Danish debit cards. And to make a long story short, I had to go on a 20 minutes walk around the post office to find a working ATM machine.

-Two entry tickets for the Rundetårn (Round Tower)

-A bunch of souvenirs attached to those 4 simple items, but not visible on this picture. Sorry about that, it would have been the most interesting part of this post…


Denmark leftovers… and I am still hungry.

Oh, and no money! Dang!

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