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What did you just say?

I thought

I heard, you

utter a word or two, but

then I fell asleep, not having

the option of remaining in your

presence, before I succumbed to

the need for rest of mind, that troubled

me so, the thoughts of late, of why and when,

and how much one person can love another?  The

question being not new in nature, but true all the same, and

If I had remained, in my state of consciousness, would I have

told you, how I really felt, and held your gaze, as I held you in my

arms and stroked your hair gently, fearing as not to hear the same

words from you. I held my breath, and you held yours, and in the moment before

we both passed out for lack of oxygen, you said that I must have knocked on the wrong door

because it was actually number 11 that had ordered pizza, and not number 10

and with you saying those words, and with the doubt in my mind

and with the pizza growing ever colder in its cardboard box

I chose to leave the moment for what is was, between

us, and chose to retreat to my pizza scooter, with

the pizza box in my hand, not getting any

warmer, but the coldest cold, even

colder than your lips became

when I had found out

that I had chosen

the wrong