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Waking up in Odense…



Waking up… Sure that my name has been called out.


We’re alone in our lair.

Away from all

Away from everybody, who knows

My name.


Yet, I heard it clear…

Must have been the winds,

Must have been the twirling

of the snow,

The ghostly presence

full of sorrow

Of good ol’ Hans.


Followed the call anyway,

to the window,

Staring at Denmark’s

Cold side in the eyes.

Grey, steely, freezing gaze…

Trying to get me lost,

like in a maze


Felt familiar,

This pushing and

pulling game…


You held me close once

Breathing warmly on my neck,

Only happy when I collapsed

Completely burned down

at the end of the day,

Drunk on your beauty.


Now you seem to want to

Push me back, turning away

Closing up on me.

You throw your winds,

And throw your snow…

Wanting me to say,

that I love you no more?

While you throw your worse hail


But don’t forget,

That I come from the land of cold,

The land of frost,

And the land of snow…

And if anything,

I think I’ll love you even more.


From where

I come from, cold

is just a reason, just a pretext

To cuddle closer, and to

lower your voice to wispers…

And to your ear,

As I play with your winter whiskers

I’ll simply murmur

echoing to your wind blowing,


Call me Ice Princess,

And roar as you please

While royalty still walks

the streets of Odense this morning,


Waiting to hear this call again…


Waiting for your call…



10 thoughts on “Waking up in Odense…

  1. Good to hear, that you arrived before the very heavy weather came by, Cyranny 🙂
    I was born in Odense and my mother lives there yet. In which part of Odense are you in, Fruens Bøge or Bolbro?
    Enjoy your vacation.


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