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The people have spoken…


I like to give you Lovelies your share of power in the Cove!

And some of you seemed disappointed with the lack of proper ending with my last story, And then. It was part of the point. But I don’t take comments lightly, and I decided that I might as well continue the story.

There were 2 paths to choose from. I either had to follow the kinky road, but I never let myself play kinky in the Cove yet, so I didn’t feel super comfortable with that… Or, I went with a very obvious, disappointing ending.

I couldn’t decide. SoΒ Kira thought we should flip a coin. No better way to take important decisions in life, believe me!

So kinky was Heads.

Disappointment Tails.



I thought that you might think, “she obviously doesn’t want to disappoint us on purpose. She picked kinky and didn’t really flip that coin”

You people… always doubting me!

So I found this website, ( ) a coin flipping simulator. I chose the Canadian 25 cents, because well, that’s what I’m used to flip, and I flipped it good and well:



Timestamped proof and all!


So kinky it will be. But don’t throw rocks at me, whining about how disappointed in me you are when I publish it! There will be warnings, so just don’t read it if you were on the “disappointment” team. Though, technically, you would get disappointed too! Win/win?


10 thoughts on “The people have spoken…


      Had to look up “kink”(obviously) and I must say, the use of the straightening rod is particularly inspiring… Mouahahaahahaha


  1. Judging alone by the apparent confusion on the subject *word* it seems that the story’s ending can now be judged clearly APPARENT too hahaha
    To help me decide, I, too, have to flip a coin on which side to join, lol


  2. Woman, will you PLEASE get on with it???? Sheesh…

    I’ll be the Sargeant-at-Arms!

    KINKY IT SHALL BE! You have been warned! No Debbie Downers or Bill Buzzkills! If it’s not your thing, scroll on…and have an absolutely lovely day…and many thanks for stopping by the Cove!

    See? I can do nice! LOLOL! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve never understood kinky. There’s just what is ok, and what isn’t – and that varies a lot between people. A scenario might be ok for some and not for others, if you are involved, just need to be in tune with your co-involveds?. Or am I missing something?


    1. First of all, thank you so much for your interest in the Glasshouse… It is, as you could see a story I started a while back, and I had temporarely stopped working on it… Well actually (just checked) Part 6 was published on the 3rd of March last year!! What a coincidence!

      So, to thank you, and for my own pleasure (because I did like this little series) I’ll try to post a suite tomorrow… To give the story a new try exactly one year later πŸ™‚

      P.S. I did receive your email about Rene πŸ™‚ I’m so happy the little critter made it to your place πŸ™‚ I’ll be working on the update of the Race’s page this afternoon, and posting a note to invite people to come and see the developments πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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