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Something different…



Wouldn’t you like to try something different
Sometimes, when the winds are strong
and the coldest of winter is knocking at your door…
Like tonight, you know?
Would you like me to write down
Your scarf and your gloves, your jacket to hang by the coat-peg?
I could unbutton your shirt
with a few vowels… Oooohs and Aaaaahs…
Would you follow my hands
into spelling our clothes around the kitchen floor
Punctuating our way to your room with kisses
eager to learn to conjugate our burning skins
And after your last exclamation point,
As the moon is just a white dot on your black page,
I would paint the covers over you…
Ready to scribble away, if you want me to…
Unless you’d rather, I autograph myself to your bare back,
Tribal signature, proving you were mine… Tonight?



Thanks to OM for the blogging style inspiration…


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