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Oh Mads… *sigh*

*sigh* big time.

Tonight was a girls’ night out at the movies. (well, actually girls’ afternoon out) I had a rendez vous with (Mads)  my neighbour/coworker/friend to go see Star Wars – Rogue One.

I am a big Star Wars fan, since the beginning. Which is kind of funny, because, outside SW’s universe, Sci-Fi doesn’t really gets my interest at all. When I learned, months ago that my beloved Mads would play in Rogue One, I thought “perfect! What else could I ask for?”

So today we jumped in Joe’s car, and headed for the movies. I was a bit nervous. What if the episode wasn’t as good? I had been a tad disappointed with Jar Jar Binks, and I didn’t want to set my hopes too high…

I hadn’t read any reviews, or any article about the movie since its coming out, last week. I had barely watched previews…

My, oh my! I got caught in the Star Wars’ magic after just a few minutes, and I enjoyed every moment of it…  The casting was just perfect, and the mix of humor, mystery, fighting was on spot!

I have to say that I can understand a non-fanatic who would point out all the absurd scenes… Of course, the rebels are incredibly lucky (Hey… The Force my friends, the Force!!) but if you let yourself go with the fact that it IS science fiction, the story is just great… At least it was for me…

And Mads…. Awww… Mads… I am so grateful that my friend agreed to go see Rogue One in the afternoon to cath the English version, so I could hear his real voice. Mads was great, as usual, and no doubt about it, he remains my favorite big screen eye candy 😉




I won’t talk about the plot, because I don’t want spoil other SW fans out there, who wouldn’t have seen the movie yet, but let’s just say that the links to the existing episodes are just right…

I am curious, any other Star Wars fans in the Cove? If so, have you seen Rogue One? What did you think about it?



10 thoughts on “Oh Mads… *sigh*

      1. Oh wow!! That was an option but the language barrier would’ve been too much. Hubby is French speaking 😉 Me English and Franglish. lol! Kids are English speaking studying french.

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