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Being Lazy…



Mouahahahahaha…  What an image!

I have a lot of things to do. Some cleaning around the appartment, snow shoveling of the back balcony and stairs. I have some shopping to do, and I could cook a little to have lunches ready for the upcomming days of work. Am I doing any of the previously mentionned? No…

I am comfortably lying on the couch, and made sure not to want to get up by wrapping myself in my favorite blanket, and bringing big cushions for my back… I decided to draw myself a hot bath, meaning I can’t clean clothes right away, because the washer and dryer are in the bathroom, and the sound they make interfere with me trying to relax. (Ok, I am already pretty relaxed already, but still… Can’t be too relax, right?)

I am eating Genoa Salami considering kicking myself in the b*tt to be more productive. I could at least go buy wrapping paper, and start wrapping Christmas presents… I like doing that. But that would mean getting out of the house, in the cold, and the little voice in the back of my head keeps saying “mehhhh!”

Now I really wonder where I’ve put my red cape. (Anything to stay away from actually doing something) I have one, somewhere. I dressed as a Super-Something a couple of times, for past Halloweens…

Yeah, no…. Looking for it probably would mean a long while going through drawers and closets… I think that the bath is a better idea. I’ll just go and stir, and let my thoughts wander…

Thoughts wandering…  Yup! That’s  about as hard as I am willing to work today. Being lazy… Super Lazy, and assuming it!




18 thoughts on “Being Lazy…

  1. Everyone deserves to know that laziness is actually not laziness at all, its called making yourself happy. I don’t think on our gravestones we are meant to have ‘I enjoyed cleaning my apartment’ – be nice if it said ‘ I had lots of happy moments’ Embrace the ‘laziness’ if you want to call it that ? x Up and Down the Rabbit Hole – For the Ups and Downs of Life x
    Hope you enjoy my latest blog –
    ✨Wish Upon A Star To Do Something ✨

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    1. Very well said! I do embrace my “lazy” time… But I must say that people who don’t sometimes give me doubts, making me wonder if I am in fact “lazy” or if they are “control freaks”…

      I have to stop sometimes, and remind myself that this or that can wait a little, and that spending time not being “productive” is alright and making me feel better 🙂

      Thanks for your visist, I hope to see you around again soon! And I will make sure to check out your post 🙂 Thanks for sharing… xx

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    1. Thanks Kira! I am pretty amazing at lazying up, if they made it an Olympic event, I’d probably make the Canadian team 😉

      The funny thing is that if I am in “productive” mode, I can make it through the day just like anybody… BUT, when I am in procrastination mode, a sloth looks hyperactive compared to me 😛 LOL

      Btw, TAP is a great name for a superhero!! 🙂

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      1. Couldn’t we compete from home?? With all the teleconferencing technology available… I think it would be doable!

        “Oh! Oh! Gary, I think I saw some movement on the Canadian side… Is she going to stand up to go to the bathroom, loosing precious points, and leaving the lead to the US team??? Oh no, forget it, she just yawned!”

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