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Living with a giant… (the forest encounter)



It is not a piece of cake, not for your usual fairy.

My mother had warned me. Her and dad had long hoped one of the village’s elves would sweep me off my feet, but their prayers had been vain…

I was far into the woods the day I found him. One would think “finding” a giant would be easy, but it was pure luck that brought us together that day. I was looking for ghost orchids when I tripped on what I thought was a tree trunk. Dusting the dirt off my skirt, I recognized the shape of a finger, first, than a full hand resting among the bushes.

Cautiously getting out of the forest, I saw him lying in the clearing. He was asleep, and my fall obviously hadn’t disturbed his nap. I slowly walked towards him, intrigued to say the least. We fairies were told young about the giants that lived far in the mountains, but I had never before seen one…

Walking along his arm, I imagined how easily he could have broken every bone in my body with just a quick movement, lost in his dreams. Now standing in the curve of his neck, staring at his face, I wondered about that… Giant dreams…

I didn’t notice the wind blowing the fabric of my skirt, causing it to brush softly against his skin. What I did notice, though, was his opposite hand raising up in the air before plunging back in my direction, to slap me away, like a fly.

My involontary shriek awakened him, and he sat straight up, making the ground shake as I tried to run back to hide in the forest.

“Wait!” he said loudly… And his deep voice stopped me in my race to safety.

Chancing to turn around, I faced him again, now standing in his large shade. Standing, he had to be taller than the tallest tree in the forest. But he kept seated, apparently as intrigued by me, as I was to see my first giant.

My very first giant…


to be continued… 



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