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Erase what?

I went shopping with Chéri recently… And I came upon this product, that screamed “take a picture of me for your blog, pleaaaaaaase!”


Erase your face!

Euhhh… Thanks, but no thanks!

First, the tone bugs me. Why so aggressive? Why orders like that, straight away. I don’t like to be told what to do (ok… there are exceptions, but let’s not go into details lol), especially while I am out to spend my precious money!

And why “erase” my face? Is it that bad?? I agree it is not the prettiest around, but still, I like it better than no face at all. It is kind of insulting, wouldn’t you say?

Needless to say I didn’t buy it…



11 thoughts on “Erase what?

  1. i have sometimes wished I could erase my ass but never my FACE! My face is perfect the way it is thank you very much! It smiles, it laughs, frowns, smirks………………it can look excited or frustrated or annoyed….it is perfect! What a ridiculous advert. sheesh

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    1. I didn’t even pick it from the rack to read the instructions… But it just might work for the ass! You know, if you give me your adress, I could send you one to try it out!! You know… Just saying…. *wink wink*

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      1. ha ha ha………….how about I describe the house and you find it instead/ it is a one story cottage from the early 1900’s, painted bright yellow with turquoise posts out front and a coral porch. There is a bush that I potted on the front porch just to drive the grass police crazy. It has two white porch swings so anyone visiting has their own swing. And it is in a large town that feels like Mayberry RFD (old 1970’s tv serial). find me! lol

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      2. LOOOL I think your description should do the trick! I am one incredibly patient stalker, I’ve already opened Google Earth, and I am starting with Maine, just in case you wouldn’t have provided correct information in your About page!

        I plan to proceed from East to West, and then go South a tad, and repeat, until I find the right house… Please let me know if you plan to move Noth of where I am searching, because not doing so would kind of be rude considering the time I’ll spend locating you.

        And you don’t wan’t an insulted Stalker! lol

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      3. true, very true. I shall diligently watch for drones flying overhead and give directions to the neighbors house from there….also will say north for south and east for west just to make things interesting.

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      4. Mouahahahahaha

        (no link whatsoever – I love using that word anytime I can – but that shouldn’t shock you…. I hope you’re staying near the keyboard for a while still…. I have something coming up for you in, well, not too long – as long as that dang phone doesn’t get ringing again, forcing me to do my “job”)

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    1. LOL Thank you Nina!! It might be a long way until I find her, but I’ll definately keep you guys posted when I do!! I just hope she doesn’t live in a remote African country, just pretending to be American!!

      (About the exchanges, don’t tell Suze, but sometimes, I post somewhat uninterresting stuff just hoping for her to jump in and entertain me with her sweet craziness)

      Thanks for joining the chat…. And a good start of week to you 🙂 xx

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